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"Thanks so much for your product and your great service. I've already told someone at my office about your
product and he eagerly asked me for the link."
- Steven Sanchez

" I could only wish to have this good and thorough of a technical support for all the rest of the software and
hardware I have bought the past few years. I am quite pleased with WM Recorder."
- Mike

"WM Recorder is a fantastic piece of software and I will be definitely recommending it."
- Sonia Maslen

"Thank you sooo much. It's a brilliant piece of work by the way."
- Stephen York

"Fantastic customer support. You are the best company I have ever purchased a software from. I look forward to
the update and more great software from you."
- Rambod Poursalimi

"Many thanks for excellent support. A product and company to be highly recommended!"
- Richard

"This product is everything I could have hoped for. If there is any place i can leave a glowing review besides CNet
...where I am just about to, please let me know. Thanks for all of your help and a great product!"
- Pierre Summers
Official Press Release


October 23, 2003--San Francisco, CA -- This week marks the official launch
of WM Recorder 9.0; a unique new software tool that allows for easy capture
of Windows Media streaming video or audio.

WM Recorder is a must for non-technical consumers who want to archive or
make portable copies of streaming media - including music videos, subscription
video content, music, radio broadcasts, corporate webcasts and more. Any
content not protected by Digital Rights Management is easily captured.

"WM Recorder marks a new milestone in the evolution of streaming video and
audio", said Bill Dettering, CEO of Applian Technologies, the experts in
recording software tools. "Most end users and publishers aren't aware that
streaming video is now easily captured. WM Recorder presents a great
opportunity for publishers for increased distribution of promotional content
such as music videos or educational corporate videos. And end-users are
thrilled to be able to archive video and audio on their PC. In addition, almost
half of our customers transfer recordings to portable devices like Pocket PCs,
laptops or other Windows Media enabled devices."

Previous versions of WM Recorder were offered as a free software program and
downloaded by more than 800,000 users in just a few months. Based upon
user's suggestions, many upgrades and features were incorporated into
version 9.0 to address the needs of both technical and non-technical users. The
update incorporates a one-click interface, improved ease of use, and fail-safe

WM Recorder's one-click interface is extremely easy to use. To record,
simply open WM Recorder, click Record, and play the video or audio you want
to capture from your browser. Files are saved on your PC automatically in
WMV (Windows Media Video) or WMA (Windows Media Audio) format.

WM Recorder is easy to download, easy to use, and easy on the wallet at only
$29.95. WM Recorder 9.0 is available now for purchase at
Note: AllAlex  recording products are not intended for use in circumventing copy protection mechanisms or for making
illegal copies of copyrighted content. Please respect the rights of the content owners when recording.
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