ytv clone watch tv like never before

Picture in Picture (PIP) on your TV

With YTV Clone and Google YouTube TV you can watch two or more TV shows simultaneously (a feature your TV doesn't have). Multiple sports events, stock market reports or TV news channels can share your PC and TV screens at the same time.

Click image to see how YTV Clone and Google YouTube TV are used to show four TV news channels on your PC and TV (in this case a HDMI cable must be used to connect PC to TV).

Use Internet TV to watch TV

Watch your favorite shows on your computer and stream them to your TV with Picture in Picture effects (another feature your TV does not provide).

Click the image to see how you can use YTV Clone to watch a Netflix movie and PIP a soccer channel over.

Great companion for your PC

Use your computer screen for doing your work while watching TV shows or any other videos on the PC screen. Best for cloning stock market reports, YouTube videos and other Internet shows that may be of interest to you.

Click the image to see how to clone and PIP a TV episode over your browser window using YTV Clone software.

Easy to use, straight forward user interface

All you need to do is open a web page, copy/paste the page URL from browser address bar then click Open show. This makes a PIP (miniature) browser which duplicates the web page video show and sits on top of all opened windows. You can also save the page URL for future play.

YTV Clone current version (1.0) is compatible with all Windows versions but can only use Google Chrome browser.

YTV Clone and YouTube TV

YTV Clone is designed to work primarily with Google YouTube TV streaming app but other Internet TV streaming app will work the same. Google YouTube TV has the advantage that it can play multiple TV channels simultaneously.

TV streaming apps usually require subscription and they’re not available everywhere, but you can use YTV Clone to clone any video played in the Chrome browser. Netflix, Amazon, ABC, BBC, KBPS, History, Science and many more video providers can be cloned and displayed as Picture in Picture.

Quality guarantied

Our goal is to provide a high-quality product that aligns with your needs. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.