Video Clone user guide

Video Clone is a screen capture program designed to work in conjunction with WM Recorder. The program allows you to record videos from your computer screen. These are videos that cannot be downloaded or detected by WM Recorder. Unlike WM Recorder which downloads streams from the Internet, Video Clone does not connect to the remote website that plays the video.


Recording videos with Video Clone

  • Begin playing a video
  • Click "Get Video" to mark the video area
  • Click "Start Recording" to Record


Note : When screen capturing a video keep the size of the video window to a minimum. On slower computers do not use full screen or larger size windows. Check our WM Capture program for advanced screen recording or if you need to schedule your screen recordings.


Here is how the Video Clone looks on your screen.



Main Functions


Get Video - start/stop searching for a motion video

In order to use the Get Video function you should first play a video in your browser or media player. Click Get Video to automatically detect and mark the video window with a transparent rectangle. If the marked area is not exactly what you want click Retry or manually resize the marked window. The selected video will now be cloned and shown in the Video Clone window. In the marked window click Record if you want to record the video or Accept if you just want to watch.

To stop searching for a motion video click again the Get Video button.

Note: static images are not detected, only motion videos.


Mark Video

Use this option to manually mark the video window. A transparent window rectangle is supplied which can be moved (grab the top of the transparent window) or resized to fit the video window.


Start Recording start/stop recording

To begin recording click the Start Recording button on Video Clone or the Record button on the marked video window. Video Clone will use Windows 7 Basic theme on your Windows 7 or Vista computer. This highly improves the quality of recorded videos .

Note that if the Video Clone window overlaps the recorded window the Video Clone will be minimized. Restoring the Video Clone window stops the recording.


Play Recordings

Push this button to play the last recorded video. In order to access the storage folder click Options then click View Recordings.



User this button to toggle between the stream recorder window (WM Recorder) and the Video Clone window.


WM Browser

WM Browser is a reduced version of Internet Explorer. It should be used instead of Internet Explorer when recoding web site like Netflix.



Video parameters: Video bitrate and Frame rate setup.

Recording time: leave blank or 00:00:00 for unlimited time.

Use Windows Basic theme: for Windows Vista and Windows 7 only. Using the Basic theme instead of Aero greatly improves the quality of recorded video and lower CPU loading.

Setup storage: used to setup the storage folder.


Audio Setup

Windows Vista, 7, 8: Use the Auto Detect option.

Windows XP: Uncheck the Auto Detect button. Open the Audio Recording Source drop down list. Select a Stereo Mix audio source if available. If no audio input is displayed when you select an audio source, open the Audio Inputs list and select a Stereo Mix type input. If no Audio Inputs are available click OK to exit.


View recordings: Opens the recordings dialog window.

Disable auto marking: Flash player video windows can sometimes be identified as browser windows and can be automatically marked without using the Get Video function. This is possible with Firefox, WM Browser and some versions of Internet Explorer.

Restore defaults: Restore setting to their original values.